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Since the fuel tank holds 3.4 gals of fuel, you could always let it run out of gas and then try putting in a measured 3.4 gals and see if the fuel level is up to the rim of the gas cap like I would expect. If the gas isn't leaking somewhere then I would think this would let you know nothing is wrong and gas is simply filling in hoses or areas of the tank slower than you are putting in the fuel.

Just a non-motorcycle expert's though.

Good to see good old fashioned common sense from a non-expert.

There are plenty of experts on this forum on topics as diverse as clunks, rattles, how to fill 'er up, gear and technology to save us from our own stupidity, how to break in a horse, and how to encounter steering.

It all gets confusing to an old chappy, so I just have to grab my boogie board, ride off to the beach and surf a few waves to clear the old noggin. Then a beer and a game of pool on the way home makes my day.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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