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Gas disappearing?

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Before any smart asses make jokes, yes the gas goes away from riding ;)
Here is my issue. I fill my tank from a gas can... don't ask why... I just do. What is happening is I fill to the top, enough gas to cover the plate in the gas tank.... then when i'm done i watch it and it slowly drops about 1/2" down then stops. So i add some more gas.... it drops again then stops. did this a few more times.... keeps doing it. Where the heck is it going?:confused: No leaks, no puddles, it's just vanishing. same 1/2" drop every time.
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how high do u fill? I was putting enough in to totally cover the triangle bar and the round plate.
Till it covers the "level bar-filler bar" whatever its called..The gas pump usually automatically shuts off once the gas gets that thats where i usually stop...its also where the manual says to fill to..ill put up the gas nozzle...get a paper towel, wipe down tank..throw it away..then come back to put the lid on and the gas is still the same level in the tank that i stopped filling at.
encounter steer?

Nice one; you're alright w0rm. You don't take yourself..... or me too seriously. A good few around this forum seem to have had a sense of humour by-pass.
lol thanks man... I certainly try not to take anything too seriously. That's almost never fun. :)
Nothing wrong with your bike, just air trapped in the tank. Most bikes do it but this one is the most obvious of those I've owned.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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