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yes the gas tank was full, the bike was straight when it was getting full. The gas went past the neck of the gas tank. I weight 200 pnds and I drive it around 70-85 on the freeway would ride it faster but it wont give me no more due to the wind.
Hey, you should be doing better, I am lighter 70kg soakin wet, but have used my bike on the coast 5ft above sea level to 2500 ft ASL. Ive run flat out on the superstrada at 150kph for 20 minutes each way, I admit that being heavier may affect or is it effect mileage but it shouldnt be that drastic. Also even at my weight if I come untucked (I never truly get a full race tuck) but it really does have a airbrake effect if you dont compensate with the throttle. Also I am using 91 or 92 octane gas, there are only 2 grades available here, the above and a 98 o-rated fuel. Maybe swing back to the dealer for a ckeck, or do a at home restart. Disconnect the battery for bit and see if it resets the ignition'air fuel mapping, (also will hafta reset the clock). Hope yah sort it out, the only issue ive had with mine is that the roads here are very twisty and before i run out of lean angle the foot pegs start barkin..LOL
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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