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Gas tank never full.

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When I fill up i use a plastic gas can. I sit on the bike to keep it upright. I fill to the top of the bar in the hole as the manual says to... but still.... gas gauge never reads "Full"... always one bar missing. Is a full fill-up even possible?:confused:
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I haven't had to fill up yet. Was thinking of doing it on Saturday just to start tracking the milage. A question for you. How many bars are there supposed to be?
I think there is supposed to be 6. Starting directly under the F and ending at the E. I never see more than 5.
At least I know where to fill to now hahaha. Maybe I should have looked in my owners manual.
maybe it's just how the tank is positioned... and it being on a slant or what not it "thinks" its full?
I never stand the bike upright when filling. Always on the Stand. After filling I show 6 bars.

I would suggest you get that looked at as it may be as simple as a faulty sensor.
Do you fill to the bar?
i always fill up on the stand when i fill up to,and i get 6 bars. does the manual say to stand the bike up level when filling gas?i always thought about doing that.maybe id get more gas in lol..i full to tank bracket thing.
Filled up to that little bracket thing today. Got 6 bars.
hmmmm... maybe my driveway is slanted? lol.
Filled up to that little bracket thing today. Got 6 bars.

Ya there should be a bracket in there that you fill too. I would have the dealership take a look at it. Make sure you take it in on an empty tank that way they have to fill it up to test it. :D
If the tank is empty how do i get there? Lmao!
I've been riding 45 years.

NEVER use a gas gauge. ALWAYS use mileage from the trip odometer.

When you receive a new bike, fill the gas (normally) and reset trip odometer.

Ride normally under all conditions until the fuel light comes on. Not mileage ridden.

This becomes your base line for pulling into the petrol station.

So, in simple math, if you fill, up and the light comes on at 200 miles, then when you hit 50 miles you will have used 1/4 of the tank. This is the most reliable method. What ever the number is just divide by 4 and keep this number in your head as you periodically check the odometer.

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I never managed to get the fuel gauge to show full either

Also the max I was able to pump in is about 9.5 liters - that after driving for a bit when the last bar is blinking. But there's no doubt that the tank is actually full when I fill it up. So a bit annoying but really a non issue.
Good advice everyone.
today i put in 9$ and got 2.077 gallons of 91 vpower premium,i guess im not filling up the tank right?missing a whole gallon plus change lol.

i fill up on the kickstand.
i fueled up on the kick stand the first 2 times and put in aprox. 2.2 gals and 2.3 gals and both times it showed 5 bars, and yes i filled it up to the metal bar in the tank. So yesterday I fueled up and decided to sit on the bike and keep up straight and put in 2.35 gals and got it to 6 bars BUT as soon as i pull out and go down the road about 4-5 miles, it went down to 6 bars. I have no idea how to get it up to 6 bars, but like everyone has said that it doesn't pose a problem, its more of an annnoyance. but i do keep the trip odometer in check and i usually gas up right at 175 miles and usually put in 2.2-2.35 gals, i usually get right around 77 miles a gallon. im lovin it
my last bar blinks,then stays solid,if i continue to drive it,will it blink constantly when i reallly need to fill up?
ideally you don't wanna let it get that low... lol. Also.... helpful hint for everyone.... my dealer told me to use nothing less than 89 octane. Not for performance reasons but because 89 is where they start to "regulate" gas. 87 could have all sorts of contaminates and stuff. Also i read on the net that Sonoco gas has the least amount of sulfer parts per million in it (sulfer is bad for the aluminum in our motors).
PS. I filled up today (on kickstand) to about 1/4" above the bracket and got 6 bars =)
also... i have another thread about the service schedule. I made an easier to read chart in excel.
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