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Gas tank never full.

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When I fill up i use a plastic gas can. I sit on the bike to keep it upright. I fill to the top of the bar in the hole as the manual says to... but still.... gas gauge never reads "Full"... always one bar missing. Is a full fill-up even possible?:confused:
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I found the best way to fill with the pump is to get off the bike and set it on its sidestand. Then I pump slowly to avoid the splashing, and I just rest the pump nozzle on the bar in the hole. I just fill until the pump automatically cuts off, usually when the fuel covers half of the plate. I have gotten 6 bars every time I have done this. Even pumping slowly, 3 gallons goes by quickly. :D
I normally stay on the bike to keep it leveled as I pump. I learned a long time ago while filling up a 1 gallon can that the pumps at my preferred gas station pump way fast and will make a mess on cans and small tanks so I have made it a habit to squeeze the nozzle up to half way at most to pump slowly. I have been able to consistently get 6 bars and I have never had gas splash all over the tank.
Gas doesn't splash all over the tank, but if you are in the right light you can see tiny dropplets spraying all over the place. Pumping with the handle half squeezed barely helps. I've tried putting it in at different spots and angles. It doesn't help that you have to use one hand to hold the corrigated plastic thing back and the nozzle with the other. Of, course the pump doesn't like this so it is constantly trying to turn off too which means you have to restart it (splash). I do think that this is mostly the fault of the environmetally correct pumps we have here. I can see where a normal pump that you can slowly squeeze would be much easier to control. But these newer pumps are a PAIN!
Yeah none of the gas pumps where I live have the plastic cover that others have mentioned from different areas in the country. It seems like the diesel pumps do though. I'll have to see if I'm able to notice those tiny droplets you speak of next time I pump. I'm now considering carrying an extra shop towel under the rear seat with a hole in the center that's big enough to cover the tank while fueling up.
I couldn't get the gas to come out. First time getting gas on a motorcycle here lol. Maybe it was the way I switched from one Octane to the other without canceling?

I was at Shell. Shell is the only gas station in my town. I pressed the button for the 89 Octane. Then last minute I decide to try the 91 Octane thinking it will override my previous selection. I put the gas nozzle into the filler neck and nothing comes out. Maybe it was because I didn't cancel and start over. Maybe you can't press another button without canceling the whole process.
Did the pump have that plastic cover that prevents splashing? If so you need to pull it back as the nozzle doesn't go into the tank enough to trigger it. Read the first couple of pages of this thread for more info.
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