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Gas tank never full.

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When I fill up i use a plastic gas can. I sit on the bike to keep it upright. I fill to the top of the bar in the hole as the manual says to... but still.... gas gauge never reads "Full"... always one bar missing. Is a full fill-up even possible?:confused:
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Ya, aren't those little mode/reset button a bitch! Mine has gotten better with use but still... My other peeve with this bike is that sheet metal dealie directly below the filler cup. Whoever thought that one was a good idea has never ridden, or fueled, a bike even once.

My last fill up, before the reserve started flashing, I managed to squeeze in 10 liters. Took a little doing though. Squirt, bump the bike to help it digest it, then squirt in some more. I think I've gone about 60km since and it's STILL showing 6 bars.
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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