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ideally you don't wanna let it get that low... lol. Also.... helpful hint for everyone.... my dealer told me to use nothing less than 89 octane. Not for performance reasons but because 89 is where they start to "regulate" gas. 87 could have all sorts of contaminates and stuff. Also i read on the net that Sonoco gas has the least amount of sulfer parts per million in it (sulfer is bad for the aluminum in our motors).
PS. I filled up today (on kickstand) to about 1/4" above the bracket and got 6 bars =)

What? Maybe if you use Shady Joes Gas Company there will be stuff in the gas? Think thats why the have filters on the pumps.
Since Honda says use minimum 86 octane, thats what I use. Keep in mind that these engines are designed where their gasoline quality is much lower then ours. So you get the bonus of higher quality gasoline and new and inspected tanks at the big chain gas stations.
Heck mine even runs on old whiskey.
1 - 3 of 49 Posts
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