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Gas tank never full.

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When I fill up i use a plastic gas can. I sit on the bike to keep it upright. I fill to the top of the bar in the hole as the manual says to... but still.... gas gauge never reads "Full"... always one bar missing. Is a full fill-up even possible?:confused:
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I fill up and only show 5 bars. If I sit on the bike and fill it all the way up I sometimes will get 6 bars but a few miles down the road and it drops back down to 5 so its not calibrated right. Still fighting with those damm mode buttons to.
We all have the same problem with the gas guage never showing full. I squezed in every last drop and a few times all the bars were there but 5 miles down the road one quickley drops off again. Its just not accurate. Not calibrated correctly. Not a big deal but Honda could have done better. Just like those damm mode buttons. The engine rattle is the one that really bugs me. Wish Honda would at least let us know where its coming from and why.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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