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You'll get just a bit of gas out of the residual part of the bottom of the pump and from the fuel line, if you have run the bike within the past couple of days. If it has been more than a few days, you shouldn't see much of anything. Just have a paper towel handy underneath it, because if it has much gas in it, it will run out of the evaporative emission nipples on the bottom of the tank. Trust me, I know...

Also, be very careful with the underside quick disconnect. It is anything but QUICK to disconnect, and you can break the plastic nipple off the fuel pump. Trust me, I know...

I had to lay the tank on its side on a bar stool while I squeezed the grey tabs with needle-nose pliers with one hand and pulled on the hose with another. Move slow and steady, because if it jumps off, you may knock off or drop the tank and dent it, whilst breaking off said fuel pump nipple. Trust me....I know breaking nipples is really bad...:(
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