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Gasolin vs. Gasoholic

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I am new in here-Brian,from denmark,but living in Thailand.
Now the goverment have removed all Gasolin in Thailand,any one know if it goes whit gasoholic 95 octan on my Honda CBR 250cc-2011 model?
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Hello Brian,

If the amount of ethanol is too high in the gasahol, it can be dangerous for small engines.

Do you know what percentage (%) of ethanol is in the gasahol? For example:

  • 95% gasoline / 5% ethanol
  • 90% gasoline / 10% ethanol
  • 85% gasoline / 15% ethanol
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I've been reading that 10% ethanol is safe but 15% or higher can cause engine damage.
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Ethanol has a propensity to absorb water from the atmosphere, which can create corrosive chemistries in the fuel system, especially if the engine sits unused for a long period of time. The ethanol can also more aggressively attack rubber and other materials. Since ethanol contains less thermal energy per unit volume than gasoline, fuel efficiency and vehicle range is reduced. Ethanol has a more pronounced cooling effect on engine parts as well, which may result in the engine running at a lower temperature than it was designed to.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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