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Well folks...I started to install the OEM tinted windscreen today at 4:10pm. After 3 and a half painful hours taking the whole front of the bike apart as Macca mentioned I got it back together. So I turned it on and......FAIL.

My headlights weren't on, and when I switched to highbeams my tail lights flicked left or right turn....:Sigh: :confused:

So I took the Display off and switched the connectors around and to my suprise....the headlights worked!! But the tail lights, turn signals and display dont work....

So, I look at the fuse box, all of the fuses are fine except one! So I think okay lets use the spare and things will be fine....I plug it in, and POW! it pops the moment its plugged in.....I take another 10 amp fuse from another slot plug it in and POW it busts again....

So now I know I have a a short, bad ground or 2 wires touching.....

After a trip to walmart to pick up 5 more fuses, and I get back, I look over the turn signal wires (which had to be disconnected to take the fairings off. And the wires are correctly put together of the plastic coverings was not fully pulled down on the connection so both red and black wires were touching and causing the fuse to bust. So I pulled it back down and put the bike all back together again. After 6 hours and 30 minutes from start to finish and clean up, the windscreen was installed....(Atleast I didn't pay 6 hours of labor at 85 dollars an hour at the dealership)

So without further adue, here is the new windscreen!

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