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Good sprockets and rotors for a stunt bike?

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Hey everyone, I got a 2012 cbr250r I’m looking to convert into a stunt bike. Can anyone tell me some good sprockets and rotors to use?
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good sprocket brands are either gonna be vortex or thesicshops pro series.
good sprocket sizes are gonna be somewhere within the 45t to 55t range for the rear (maybe 58 if you like tech tricks and drifting but my 46 slides perfectly)
rotors are kind of hard to choose as there isnt much of a selection. in my experince if you cut the stock brake tabs that are on the swingarm and weld a steel bar to the swingarm you can run an f4i or 636 big rotor dual caliper bracket. you can run an f4i big rotor in the rear along with having extra brake strength. front rotor should be fine stock just make sure to maintain it properly (keep it clean and make sure to change pads)
feel free to message me on my instagram which is @TheCrazyLunatic876 with any more questions you may have as im currently running a 2013 cbr250r as my "big bike" for now.
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