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I'll be honest after riding bikes in the 750-883 range I was a little worried that I made a mistake buying the lil 250. Well after riding it home those thoughts are gone. Probaly one of the fuunest rides in a long time. Only got to ride it 30 miles home, started lightly raining a couple blocks from home.
Most of my trip home was on highly congested 4 lane highways. It was great, plenty of get up and go and it maneuvered like a dream. Sittin up high and being able to see above the cars ahead was great. Did a short expressway cruise got it up to 75 with no problem. Its geared perfectly for the heavy traffic too. Best part was that it soaks up bumps like nothing. With my cruisers I usually zig zag around any little pot hole. The CBR goes right over them like they arent there. You dont feel it in your back at all like a cruiser. Only thing was that my left wrist got a little soar, but I fixed that by changing my riding position. Really only bad thing was that even with that short ride my jacket already scuffed up the tank pretty bad.
Its a great bike with plenty of power and the fun factor is awesome.
The bike is so forgiving and easy to ride that if youre a new rider dont let that get you to over confident. Even with me I had to slow down a bit as I started to think I was a GP racer.
If you happen to be in the West Chicago area Dupage Honda Yamaha are great.
This was/is my worry as well - that it will seem like a "baby" compared to the bigger bikes. When I mention to people that I'm getting a 250, I get the "that's too little" response. Its good to have an experienced riders' perspective.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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