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Bought the Ram-mount and a cradle for my Garmin 60Csx. Part numbers:

  • RAM-B-176U Stem mount and diamond plate assembly
  • RAM-HOL-GA12U Garmin mount (yours will be different
Cost for the stem mount was $30.95, $7.42 for the Garmin mount from

Stem mount took ~10 minutes to install. Tighten it more than you might think.

The attached (crappy - too lazy to get the SLR out) pictures show how unobtrusive the mount is with the GPS removed. The mount is amazingly adjustable, was able to place the Garmin in a good position where you can see it clearly and manipulate it with your left hand, but the gauges are easily visible.

This mount is solid and easy to use, I like it a lot.

Next: Powerlet outlet....

I also have a 60csx. I love the mount you did here. I just ordered the same one. Thanks for the pics!!!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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