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Grabby Throttle?

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hello! I’m a brand new rider. I just got a 2011 CBR250R last weekend. I’ve been working on slow speed maneuvering around my driveway and front yard and I have noticed that when the clutch isn’t engaged and I let off then get back on the throttle, it’s very jerky. I am practicing taking my weight off the handle bars by squeezing the gas tank, but I’m not sure if it is the bike not properly tuned or if I’m just too green at riding to have the throttle down. I desperately try to be as slow and soft with the throttle to get it to not be so jerky. Any suggestions?
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Hey. You're best off modulating the clutch lever to smooth out low speed maneuvers. I can't say I've noticed my cbr being very choppy, but the sv650 I have is pretty feral without using the clutch. They're not really like a car, having a wet clutch they can handle a bit more slippage than the dry clutch in a car, as long as you don't give be it heaps of curry while you're doing it. Plus they haven't got the driveline length or slop that cars have, so you tend to notice it a lot more.
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