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Great 'San Antonio Sport Riders' group ride.

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Great 'San Antonio Sportbike Riders' group ride.

I just got back home from riding with the San Antonio Sportbike Riders group. I found them on They have a monthly ride, and this was my first time riding in a group.

About 35 of us met up at Dave & Busters for meet'n'greet, rode around San Antonio on the highways for about 30-45 minutes, (All over the highways... I can't remember the exact route we took) and ended up at Big Lou's Burgers for food and drinks.

Although 95% of the riders are on >600cc bikes, everyone was really nice and respectful. Got a few compliments on my CBR250r - the only one there! We got up to about 75-80mph average, with some of the bigger bikes zipping around and taking the lead from time to time. I had a BLAST and saw sooo many nice motorcycles.

I'm planning on going to the next group ride, next month! If any of you in central Texas would like to join us, here's a link: San Antonio Sportbike Riders (San Antonio, TX) - Meetup

Here're a few pictures I took... I couldn't get all the bikes in frame, and more MCs showed up after I took these pics. You can see my lil black ceebee in the midst of it all.

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