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Hello all.

I've become the accidental owner of (amongst other things) three CBR250Rs in various states of disrepair.
One is a dismantled scrapper MC17. "Hurricane" plastics. I'm not sure what age it is. It's previous owner was given it to help mock up his Honda racer replica. There bits of it all over the shed.
One is a well used and slightly damaged Rothmans-liveried MC17. Plenty of miles on it - city miles...
The third is a really clean MC19 with very low milage. It was bought as the donor bike for the historic racer replica but it's far too nice to break. The problem is that it won't run. After testing and swearing, I've concluded that the ignition box is toast.

Anyway, I hope one of them is running next year. I might re-start work on the race replica after that (entropy permitting).
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