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group ride..experience rides pls comment..!!

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hello every1...been a long time i have posted sumthing here n i've got a reason now...

tomorrow i will be going for my first ever group ride with along with some of the riders from the local motorcycle riders association :D:D:D.... i have never done it before....:confused::confused: it might sound dumb to some of u, but im kinda worried as im a noob to this...:p also, i havent signed up for a membership yet, its going to be a free trial ride for 2maro and if i like it and they thing im good enough to join them, i will continue..

so i was wondering are there any things i shud be keeping in mind...apart from general common sense while riding and bit of googling abt the do and donts, i thot some insight from you people wud be helpful too... so if u guys have some experience of group rides and gatherings, please feel free to make some comments...:):)
also, is there anything i shud be carrying along with me apart from my gears n bike..!!(this sounds evn more stupid)

bdw, the ride is going to be about 300km (186 miles) in total...and on really steep down hill curvy roads while going and exactly opposite on way back..!!
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Thank you very much all for your comments and sharing ur experiences...!!!
but after today's group ride, i've come to a decision that i am never ever going on a long ride on a cbr250. And you might be wondering why...

:mad::mad::mad: BECAUSE IT SUCKS :mad::mad::mad:

there were few reasons to get me startled...
to begins with, i rather say my grandpa would look younger compared to all the group members...
cbr250 is one of the best city commute bike and there is no doubt in that (and thats why i liked it in first place) , but when it comes to highways and uphills/downhills, it sucks...and that too big doesnt hav enough power to run smoothly uphill and not easy enough to overtake other cars on highways... i had to struggle to do so....(please dont doubt my overtaking skills...i aint joking) i agree that the wind wasnt friendly at all but still... furthermore, the seat made my butt chicks go numb at the end of 150km ride...i am experiencing pain in my back (upper back in between two shoulder blades)...:(:(

so the day didnt go as good as i expected it to be and im only gonna use my littl ceebee for city commute only...!!!

if anyone has any different opinion, please be my guest and comment and correct me if needed...!!!:)
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If you are mainly accustomed to the short stints of city riding, I'd expect you to be a little sore from a longer ride than you are use to. After 75 to 100 miles in the saddle, I'm ready to stop and stretch my legs and back for a few minutes.

How was the ride as far as being in a large group?
well, its not that im too much used to short sprints within city, but i didnt expect the overall experience to be so disappointing...may b i had a bit too much expectations for our little 250r..:rolleyes: n u kno few small things add up to make a big difference..but if looked individually, it doesnt seems that bad at all...
i guess thats what happend here...!!

anyways...if in future if i ever go group ride, it will b with a group of young guys (i.e. my age grp 24yrs or so) coz as the members were old and wise people, they were riding really safe and within all limits... n im kinda like to get happy on throttle every now n felt like im riding a push bike (bicycle)
n i will plan it wen weather is friendly as was way too windy to ride on higways when wind actually makes feather light cbr to shift lanes... :D (good that it wasnt a busy highway) we did actually took a refreshmnt break at 100km, but on the way back...we rode for 150km straight...without a stop...may be thats why..!! anyways..hope the fun on cbr continues in future...!!! :)
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i agree with most of u guys... ceebee is really a gr8 bike for city commute and being small and light give it an advantage on twists n turns...also i agree that for its size and type, it has enough power.... EVERYTHING AGREED AND CORRECT

but as i said before, i hav had bit too much expectations from the bike...(coz i havnt ever been on a bigger bike n wudnt dare to unless i believe i hav enough experience to handle it)
n also, few small things adds up to a whole big bad experience...

IM NOT GIVING UP ON MY CBR at all.... i like this bike very much n i'll keep riding it...!!! :D:D
Thats not a bad thing, especially riding in a larger group. Riding SAFELY is the only way to ride, IMO. At age 24, your goal should be to become an old and wise motorcyclist!

So is this CBR your first bike?
MotoMike - i agree...but dnt u think this is the age to hav fun n do all crazy (not dangerous crazy) things... coz i wont do any such once i get old n wise...isnt it true??

and yes, cbr is my first bike..(i had a smaller 125cc bike...but i wont count it as a was more like a bicycle :p )
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