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group ride..experience rides pls comment..!!

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hello every1...been a long time i have posted sumthing here n i've got a reason now...

tomorrow i will be going for my first ever group ride with along with some of the riders from the local motorcycle riders association :D:D:D.... i have never done it before....:confused::confused: it might sound dumb to some of u, but im kinda worried as im a noob to this...:p also, i havent signed up for a membership yet, its going to be a free trial ride for 2maro and if i like it and they thing im good enough to join them, i will continue..

so i was wondering are there any things i shud be keeping in mind...apart from general common sense while riding and bit of googling abt the do and donts, i thot some insight from you people wud be helpful too... so if u guys have some experience of group rides and gatherings, please feel free to make some comments...:):)
also, is there anything i shud be carrying along with me apart from my gears n bike..!!(this sounds evn more stupid)

bdw, the ride is going to be about 300km (186 miles) in total...and on really steep down hill curvy roads while going and exactly opposite on way back..!!
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If this association is worth half a penny, your ride leader will give you a briefing and answer any and all questions before you guys roll out.

I don't like what most think of as a "group ride". I play "follow the leader" in traffic every day, there is nothing interesting to me about riding a formation.

A spirited pickup ride between a few experienced riders, that's a different story.

Everyone should experience the "group ride" at least once.

Have your leader explain to the group hand/foot signals that will be used, there are common ones like kicking the foot out to the side to show people behind you any hazards in the road and the like... but some groups and/or leaders like to have other signals too.

Just don't get into the mindset of watching the tail light ahead of you, treat it like you're riding rush hour traffic. Stay aware of your environment 360 degrees and always plan to have a way "out" in an emergency. Everyone in your group should do the same as well, otherwise this happens:

and that's just the short version of what happened that day!
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a well planned and disciplined group ride has its fun moments, but, i prefer only a few like minded, similar styled riders to hang with. I'd rather solo ride than end up being held hostage on a group ride that is too large with undisciplined rogue riders. Imo:d
Woo! HaRLeY!!! W0O! :D
Where's the long version?
Haven't seen it in years and years. Suffice to say, that crap continues for a solid number of minutes... just wreck after wreck after wreck.

Since I can't deliver that kind of carnage... And in light of the other joke... I offer this instead...

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