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Gutted Cat

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I just wanted to post it up in case anyone else would be curious in the future. I gutted the cat on the stock pipe today using a 1" spade drill bit. It had that hard, more metallic material that was difficult to remove.

Difference in sound is hardly noticeable. I really cant hear any difference. So no worries in that department. butt dyno approves, however I am sure there isnt a difference in reality. good mod considering its free, cant really think of any foreseeable negatives, and pretty darn easy to do on the bike.


- Neal
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... almost all mods hamper with the street legality of the bike - nothing new there.
we modders are some naughty boyz...
I don't know about that... if you take a look over on the Appearance & Modifications forum, I think you will find that most of what people are calling "mods", really amount to little more than cosmetic farkles. Repainted exhaust heat shields, anodized fork bolts, levers, oil filler caps, valve stem caps, handle bar end weights, wheel rim tape, Hello Kitty and/or skull & cross bone decals, and other such nonsense is hardly the stuff of bad biker boyz. :eek: And the vast majority of those things are hardly illegal. "Son, the reason I pulled you over is because of the placement of your Hello Kitty decals". "But I can explain Officer Barbrady... " :)

Obviously modifying or altering the stock muffler is illegal, but so is removing it completely and installing an aftermarket exhaust (which many here have done, myself included). What I don't understand is why anyone would hack up their stock muffler, for no real measurable gain, when it's so easy to just replace it with an aftermarket exhaust? At the very least, an aftermarket unit will look and sound better than anything you could ever do to the stock muffler, and some aftermarket exhausts will actually improve the bikes performance, however modest that gain may be. And you would still have the stock muffler completely intact for when you sell your CBR (which it seems that most "modders" will sell their CBR250's in the next year or two... from what I've been reading here on the forums, the people who have largely kept their bike in original stock condition are more likely to hang on to their CBR's for many years to come).
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