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Gutted Cat

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I just wanted to post it up in case anyone else would be curious in the future. I gutted the cat on the stock pipe today using a 1" spade drill bit. It had that hard, more metallic material that was difficult to remove.

Difference in sound is hardly noticeable. I really cant hear any difference. So no worries in that department. butt dyno approves, however I am sure there isnt a difference in reality. good mod considering its free, cant really think of any foreseeable negatives, and pretty darn easy to do on the bike.


- Neal
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OMG you gutted your CAT? The pollution you will be adding to the ozone OMG the world will end tomorrow!!!!

If you want to see pollution come to Manila. If I take off in the morning wearing a white shirt, and ride in traffic all day by the time I get home the shirt will be a dingy grey. There are more diesel vehicles here that just POUR smoke out of their exhaust. Everybody says look at L.A. all the pollution, I can go outside of my condo and see the pollution up close and personal.

If you ever get pulled over just dont tell the cop that you gutted your cat, nobody will ever be any wiser. SHHH our secret. Sorry had to be sarcastic.
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