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Gutted Cat

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I just wanted to post it up in case anyone else would be curious in the future. I gutted the cat on the stock pipe today using a 1" spade drill bit. It had that hard, more metallic material that was difficult to remove.

Difference in sound is hardly noticeable. I really cant hear any difference. So no worries in that department. butt dyno approves, however I am sure there isnt a difference in reality. good mod considering its free, cant really think of any foreseeable negatives, and pretty darn easy to do on the bike.


- Neal
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to gutt the exhaust is quite a popular mod here in thailand.
it adds a wee bit of power and usuallly makes the bike a bit louder too(not much). we had a stock cbr and one gutted cbr and the gutted one was a bit hotter:)
it sure helps to keep the coppers away....
enjoy the ride
What is "gutted cbr' means? Sorry for my english...
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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