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Had a minor heart attack

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Om my way home this afternoon, I almost had a non r heart attack and a seizure at the same time.

I felt like riding and took the loooong way home. I am pretty comfortable with the road and I know all the corners like the back of my hand. So... I just starting to slow down to take this one corner (almost a hairpin bend) and went in a bit hot. As I am leaned over, I start to realise I am starting to go into the opposite lane. There wasn't any cars coming, but being a hairpin, you can't really see if there's one approaching. I gave it everything I had left and leaned like I have never leaned before (I have about 3mm left on my tires, so it can still lean a bit), then something completely unexpected happened...
I SCRAPED MY PEG!!!!! I know that this is something that some of you do on a regular basis, but this was my first time and it was unexpected.

Now let me tell you something: it was f**king terrifying. My first though was "o my god, i'm going down" then that screech and vibrations through the pegs almost made me jump off the bike. I managed to keep my cool (I have no idea how... Mind = blown) and I pulled over on the straight after the corner to calm my nerves.

If you haven't leaned that far yet, be prepared. It will be the most terrifying and exhilarating thing you have ever done!!!

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I am ready for more. Going for an advanced riding course on Sunday. It's going to be awesome.

But i'm definitely doing this again tomorrow!!!

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Be careful not to push your luck

I will be carefull. I'm definitely not going to take any chances. Tomorrow I will be going to an empty parking lot for practice.

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Plus 1 on the track days. Tracks are so much better than public roads. And not that expensive compared to car track days...
And if you think scraping a peg causes a pucker, try dragging your knee! It vibrates your whole leg.
I don't know whether I'll get my knee down on Sunday, but I can believe that your whole leg vibrates.

I'm definitively posting pics of the track day!!!

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You're probably a little too stiff on the bike since you're just learning. Had you shifted your weight (and butt) to the inside of the curve it would have helped bring the bike back into your lane a lot quicker.
Once you start learning to scoot around on the seat more you'll really start having fun!
I am a lot more relaxed on the bike than I was a month ago. :)

I usually try to put my weight on the inside of the curve, but i am not really scooting around a lot. Just little movements to shift my weight. I got rid of the death grip after about 4 days of riding, and my shoulders aren't tense anymore, but what i have noticed is that my legs are still kind-of gripping the tank like a vice when i'm going around corners. I just can't seem to get the message through to them that everything will be fine. Hopefully i'll loosen up with some more experience.

This is one of the reasons why i'm doing an advanced rider course this weekend. Hopefully that will put my mind at ease.
Just remember that the whole purpose of leaning is to use your weight as a counter balance to the bikes inertia and forward momentum. Every track rider will tell you, your not trying to lean the bike over as much as you can but rather leaning your body off the bike to use your weight to assist in the turn. The bike will naturally lean because of the shift in weight but will remain upright due to the physics involved.

The goal is to lean off with the right amount of weight to capture the optimal line of attack into and out of a corners apex without sacrificing overall stability. The more the bike leans, the less contact surface the tires have with the road, more likely your tires are to lose traction and lowside. Knee dragging is fun but not necessary in every cornering situation.
Thanks for the advice!
I've got a little more than 2000km on my stock tires. I'm still using them. I haven't noticed that they are squirmy, but then again... I have nothing to compare them to.
I get a kick out of the crowd who loves to tell others how irresponsible and stupid it is to ride without gear and then in the same breath brag about how they routinely put their lives and others at risk by riding like idiots on public roads.

Where exactly did I (or anyone else for that matter) mention not wearing gear in the same breath as bragging about riding like an idiot on a public roads? Refer me to this post, if you please.

I was not boasting, I was simply stating what had happened to me when I entered a corner a bit hot (I was not going into the corner at 160km/h like a idiot) I was simply a bit faster than what I am used to, which quite frankly wasn't that fast. It was above my riding skill and I wanted to get some input from other "idiots" who like me ACCIDENTALLY went into a corner a bit hot. How they handled it and what I can do to improve my skills, because unlike you who clearly sees himself as a motorbike god who had never in his exceptional live made one mistake, I like to learn from mine. But then again I am an idiot, so what do I know..

I am certain of one fact though. You did not pass your reading comprehension test. So please don't try to hijack a thread where actual usefull information is exchanged. Information that might just save peoples lives if they ever get in the same situation.

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