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Started out to do a 20 mile or so loop in the sunshine. Halfway through started to lightly rain, then heavy rain, then HAIL bouncing of my helmet! Hung in there (no place to stop anyway) and kept plugging along about 45 MPH. It let up pretty quick, but definitely had me tensed up for a bit. Wet roads, then back to dry roads and sunshine as I got close to home. A christening, I guess.

Had to cross a long metal grate bridge halfway through and the bike was walking all over it. I just kept it steady and went on through with no problem, but it's just one new challenge after another with this new toy.
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Some have trial by wind and fire, you had trial by wet and ice!

Hail hurts, even thru thick padded gear. It's one of the few conditions I will not ride in. As soon as the first hail starts to drop, I'm under an overpass or gas station awning.

Keep in mind next time you're out... if it's been a long while since the last rain, more than a couple days in fact, get your arse off the road for the first 30-60 minutes of rain, let it wash that oil off the surface first. That is the worst time to be on the road is at the beginning of a rain. It's worse the longer it's been since the last rain.
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**** autocorrect on my iPhone. I have never ridden in jail or hail.
Riding in jail would be badass. Until someone stabbed you to take your bike.

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