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I'm enjoying my CBR250R more than my old Shadow Spirit VT750DC, which I had for five years. The Ceebie is smoother over expansion joints and potholes and doesn't toss me out of the seat like the Shadow did, even after I fitted it with a Mustang Vintage Wide seat. Even in my mid-forties, I find the riding posture on the CBR very comfortable. The only position that I find difficult is a full tuck, where my neck gets tired of holding the helmet back far enough for me to see.

There is no contest when it comes to performance......sportbike vs. cruiser......CBR = WINNING! :D I actually like having a bike I can toss around and push to it's limits without getting to the point where I need to change my shorts. ;) I'd just get into trouble with more cc's.

I'm sure your wife will love it. She'll also have a hard time keeping you off it. :) :D

1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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