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Hard Cases...interchangeability?

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Hey guys,

So after all this research I was able to find a bracket that can put some hard bags onto my CBR250...took a while but I found it and the price for both the rack (top box and side racks) is around $300 inc tax/shipping.

These are specifically for Givi with a recommendation that they work with either E21 Cruiser, E41 Keyless or TRK33-46 Trekker cases. I've been searching to see if other cases (Kappa/Shad/Pelican) will fit onto these side brackets (top box is easier to figure out and most monolock ones will work) but can't find clear response anywhere.

Does anyone have any input/experience with mounting these things? Also if anyone has the cases above for sale please let me know. I think I'm going to keep the 250 another season and the hard luggage can be carried over to another bike easily simply with a new rack. That ******************** bike just keeps showing me how good it is and it did fantastic on the long ride this past Sunday (minus the *** pain!).

Thanks in advance.
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SAC from here has them. You can contact him and he'll get you the details. I'm looking at getting the E21s for my bike with a top box as well. Just trying to figure out if Kappa/Shad/Pelican cases would fit those mounts.

If not then I'll go ahead with the smaller E21s and a top box.
I actually bought these from 'sac' late last year and everything came in quick just as promised. Will be installing them in the next few weeks as bike is in a friend's garage not too close to here. Once the weather warms up I'll install and take pics.
I purchased them from member 'sac' here. I received them in the winter an will be installing this week if I find the time.

I'm in Canada though. Easy transaction an would definitely recommend dealing with him.
Can you use the side racks without the top rack?
That is my preferred setup but unfortunately the side racks need the support of the rear rack to work. I'd rather not have the top case on it as it sits so high up, and far out but once I install it I'll take some pics and let you see.

Ideally I'd like to only have the rear racks, and I'm sure some members are good enough welders to do this...I'm not one of them!
you could just cut the top box frame off past the last frame mount, paint the edge where you cut. this will be behind the cases so you won't see it. I will do this once we can get these mounts cheaper than we can now. has anyone put these e-21's on a red and silver?
I put the standard black E21s on my red/silver simply because I don't like the silver tops on the ones in your pic. Pics are in the thread below.
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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