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Hard Cases...interchangeability?

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Hey guys,

So after all this research I was able to find a bracket that can put some hard bags onto my CBR250...took a while but I found it and the price for both the rack (top box and side racks) is around $300 inc tax/shipping.

These are specifically for Givi with a recommendation that they work with either E21 Cruiser, E41 Keyless or TRK33-46 Trekker cases. I've been searching to see if other cases (Kappa/Shad/Pelican) will fit onto these side brackets (top box is easier to figure out and most monolock ones will work) but can't find clear response anywhere.

Does anyone have any input/experience with mounting these things? Also if anyone has the cases above for sale please let me know. I think I'm going to keep the 250 another season and the hard luggage can be carried over to another bike easily simply with a new rack. That ******************** bike just keeps showing me how good it is and it did fantastic on the long ride this past Sunday (minus the *** pain!).

Thanks in advance.
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Thread reboot!

Could you please tell us the partnumers of those givi racks!!!!

Thanks in advance.
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