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So I have searched ebay and came across a few mirrors with integrated turn signals for under 50.00 dollars. My thing is they say they will fit the CBR250 but they don't look like they will. So has anyone brought some nice aftermarket mirrors with integrated turn signals that you can recommend to me ?

Integrated LED Mirrors singals Honda CBR600RR 03-12 CBR1000RR 04-07 250RR 11-12 | eBay

I found these s pair in the link above that I really like .their 44 dollars and I think they will fit. so far I am thinking this is my best bet but the shipping is so D A M N long and I was hoping someone here might had brought some who got them with faster shipping . I am hoping to stay under 50 dollars but still I would like to hear about what some one else brought no matter what the price.

I know vision will not be as good, so I do understand that but I want to get rid of those pimple turn signals on the sides of the bike. I am looking into these also because where my bike had fallen on the left side and now the left mirror is scratched up and the screw is striped but tight still so I am not sure if the mirror is OK or broken since it is loose but the screw holding it is tight.

Also if anyone has a left stock mirror they willing to sell me I would look at that too. I found one left stock mirror on ebay for 30 dollars and I can't see getting it when I can get both of these nice looking aftermarket mirrors for a few more bucks.
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