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Has anyone take apart their rear end?

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Hi everyone. Let me just say I don't own or know anyone locally who owns a cbr250. I have a ninja 250R and am on the forum. I'm beginning to make a plug and play brake light modulator kit for the ninja and a member of that forum also owns a CBR250. Well, his wife is the one who rides it. Hehe. Anyways, he wants me to build him a P&P kit for his/her CBR and I need to know or see what kind of connector it has as well as which wires are the ground, +12v constant, and +12v brake activated. Pictures would be a great help.

Thanks for any help you can provide me :)
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Not a good way to ask for help when you just called the 250cbr a girl bike... hehe
LOL. Aren't all 250's girl bikes? :p j/k :D
LOL. Aren't all 250's girl bikes? :p j/k :D
Yeah, just like Miata's are "girl" cars.. they help ya get the girls.
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