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Ok..I dont seem to have any hazard flashers or I cant find how to make it work if there is a way...manual says nothing about them....does the 250r have one or not....what do you do if you need to stop on the side of a busy road during rush hour?
My Yamaha had flashers, I wish my 250r did. But I suppose things like flashers, and the high-beam 'passing' flasher were eliminated to reduce parts count and cost.

What I do is use the flasher on the side closest to traffic. This identifies the physical edge of the bike, and makes people wonder for a moment 'is he pulling out'? The turn signal is quite bright, at least that's good.
I researched the photon blasters further and if i read it correctly it flashes like that ALWAYS with the brake lights?? Way overkill.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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