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Motorcycles have been my main form of transportation for the last 26 years so I think I may be qualified to answer this.

If what you want is a commuter, something that gets phenomenal gas mileage and is just powerful enough to handle traffic, this is the bike for you. Think late 80's, early 90's Honda Civic Hatchback and you'll have a good idea of how quick & fast the bike is. 0-60 in 8.5 seconds so it's a little bit quicker and a tad faster than a civic :)

My last bike was an 05 Buell XB12S. After mods it put 100 hp to the rear wheel.
The CBR250R puts about 22 hp to the rear wheel. There is no real way to compare the two but I can say with complete honesty that I enjoy this 250 just as much as I enjoyed the Buell. Doing 65 mph on this bike gives me the same sensation I got doing 95+ on the Buell.
I can ride it like I stole it and all the while stay within, mostly within (*grin*) legal speed limits. And still average over 70 mpg to boot!!

At traffic lights I always get the drop on every one when the light turns green. The handling is very decent. It's light & nimble. She'll cruise all day at 75 mph at 8K rpm with a little oomph left in reserve.

The only thing I would change on this bike (if I had the $$$) would be the suspension. While good, there's untapped potential in this bike. With a setup from Racetech this bike could possibly handle better than the Buell in the twisties. This is not a statement to be taken lightly. The Buell is the best handling twisty roads machine I've ever ridden and I'm saying this 250 with upgraded suspension could be better.

Did I mention how light it is? It's like pushing a bicycle.
Its light weight and low seat height makes parking it sideways on a hill (like in S.F.) an easy task. The fuel injection is spot on. The tranny is excellent.
This is the first bike that I've ever been able to do clutchless upshifts on.
Preload the shifter, quickly close the throttle a little bit and it just snicks up a cog smooth as silk. If I tried that with the Buell I'd leave a trail of tranny parts all over the road :D

So to sum it up: Plenty of power for 'sensible' riding. good handling, Un-freaking-believable gas mileage and a hoot to ride.

Short Answer: I am very happy with my CBR250R.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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