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Hello from London,UK

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I'm David and I'm hoping to buy myself a CBR250R around June next year.
I currently own an MZ RT125 and an MZ Skorpion traveller. I commute on the RT to work and back and I'm still working on the Skorpion as a project bike.
The little MZ is a fun little bike but I'd like something with a bit more power for motorways and better fuel economy (the RT is not fuel injected).
I've only ever owned MZ's in the past and I miss the power of a 250cc bike.
I need to improve my riding skills before I ride the bigger Skorpion and I feel the CBR is ideal for the job. I also like being able to filter through London traffic on a light nimble bike something the bigger bike will struggle with.
Anyway I will be mostly lurking here for the next six months while I save up for a used bike.

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Go for it-you'll love it! Mine is a daily commuter ducking and dodging Los Angeles traffic-super nimble and its smaller narrow scale allows for agile lane splitting.
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