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I don't think that there will be a lot of CBR250r in Poland. My dealer said that he get only 3 bikes (including mine and dealer demo model) and sell already all of them - even the demo model. He said that next delivery in Poland will be maybe... in September. I was lucky...

And first impressions.. well, its my first motorbike. I've passed my moto driving licence exam at 14th March. Comparing to the Yamaha YBR250 (I was driving on it on my driving license course) its better in all points. Especially suspension and brakes.

First ride today, so I was little scary ;-) I've done today only 20 km, but first impressions: About me - I need a lot of learnig... ;-) About bike: bike is very light, position is comfortable and it fits to me very good (I'm 183cm tall, 82 kg weight). Minuses - sound isn't great. I hope that Akrapovic, LeoVince, Yoshimura or sth will produce something better that stock exhaust.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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