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Finally decided to get the 250. I have been reading the forums and have found them very informational in helping me in my decision.

First of all, technically this will be my second motorcycle. in 92 I purchased a '76 Hondamatic 750 from a coworker who needed the money for christmas presents for his kids. It was in the middle of winter in the mid west. Right as spring was around the corner he offered to buy it back for 2 times the amount I paid for it. So that was my first bike, i just never had the chance to ride it.

I like to make things my own when I buy them, no matter what it is. My mind has been racing about the things I will do to this bike once I pick it up. The forums have been a huge resource for big dreams. I am waiting on taking the beginner course before I actually finalize my decision. The hardest part is finding a course that is happening anytime soon around me. The next one I have found is for the beginning of November. Once that happens, 1 of 2 things will happen, either i get scared and forget about it, or I have a blast and run straight to the dealership cash in hand.
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No need to rush, take the MSF, evaluate, forge and decide. The 250 is an excellent and fun machine.
Welcome to the forum. Never seen hondamatic 750. Was it a 5 speed?
Welcome to the forum. Never seen hondamatic 750. Was it a 5 speed?
Pretty sure was a 2 speed. No manual clutch. Never had the chance to drive though. Only experience with it was firing it up a couple times and looking at it. The thing was very heavy, or at least it seemed so at the time.
Welcome to the forum. As to the MSF, they usually have more openings in those offered by harley dealerships. They charge more though but they usually give a couple of rentals with it. This is part of their advertising scheme. Anyway, good luck with it and hope that you get your bike soon.:D
So I got a call from one of the dealerships I had stopped at to price out the bike. They had a black ABS model that just came in and another guy passed because it was not the red. I wanted the black, so i went ahead and got it. It was the bike I wanted and i di not feel like settling for the non abs or waiting for another crack at the ABS. The dealer said they would not be getting any more of them until spring... who knows if he was telling the truth or not... probably not, but I figured I knew what I wanted and did the research. I will be taking the classes this weekend although I have to drive 50 miles to get to them. I am looking forward to a safe start to my introduction to motorcycles. Take the classes and then neighborhood use until I feel comfortable enough to ride on some streets.

In a couple weeks should have some pics up of my new 250r
first day of MSF down. Was a blast and much easier than I thought it would be. One bike went down and it was not me. I think I was the slowest person out there today though. One thing I noticed though was how quiet the 250's were they had us on. Long day and 1 more tomorrow.
In MSF, slow is the name of the game. The slower you can confidently maneuver the bike, the better you'll do. (Although obviously you need to attain speed for some things.)
aye, most of the skills you'll learn in the MSF are slow, its good to find your center of gravity
MSF passed... Bike should be delivered to me this week. Now I just need the time to hit the DMV endorsement.
Now that you've passed the MSF, get your gear ready so you can ride your bike safely when it arrives. Your bike should feel smoother than those you rode during the MSF class. Have fun and ride safely.
Bike is finally resting in my garage. I am almost ready to start patrolling my neighborhoodand practicing my skills i learned from the MSF course. Not going out on busy streets until I feel confident enough to do so. Still waiting on my helmet to arrive and on monday I get my license. My frame sliders should be in by the weekend as well.

I will be contacting Bikers to get some parts as well, unless any of the shops on here can get them. Also going to be going with the yoshi carbon full exhaust, Tyga carbon tank cover, and the hotbodies eliminator kit.
Only thing is that i wish there was a whitewall style tire for sport bikes. I have seen people who paint them on, but that sounds dangerous. I just always liked the whitewall look and think it would look sharp on this bike.
Heh, have not ridden the bike yet, and still dreaming of things to do to it.
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