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put a deposit back in march for the cbr,waited and waited,kept getting delayed,2 weeks ago my dealer said may 24,i couldnt wait so i went to a diff dealer to see one they had in ,but was sold,i just wanted to see it again,i look to my left and they are setting up a new ducati section,it catches my eye,so i walk over,saw the 848,but way too big for me,then i see the monster,and i loved it---wife sees price,and right away tells me forget it,lol,light bulb goes off,hey i said to myself,u got 5 k set aside for the honda cbr ,i could put that down on a DUCATI,i always dreamed of having one,so i sat down did the deal,5k gone,let the payments begin,honda dealer called me,because i forgot to tell him,that i bought another bike,he tells me my cbr is in.Dont know if i made the right choice,not a rich guy,so im hating myself a little bit,i could have had a cbr paid off,and now i have payments????what was i thinking,this ever happen to anyone,now im soo pissed ,because my wife wont let me live it down,i now wish i just bought a scooter,HELP---I HAVE A BRAND NEW DUCATI IN THE GARAGE,AND I CANT GET MY MIND OFF A CBR OR A SCOOTER,I NEED HELP,LOL
The Duc Monster is a beautiful bike. Jersey - I can't remember - but have you test ridden the CBR250R yet? Maybe you could go down to your dealer and test ride it. You might realize that it really isn't the bike for you - and then take some comfort in your decision to have purchased the Duc. Then again - you could really like the CBR250R and feel even worse about your recent purchase. Do you have a time-frame available to return the Monster? Does your state have a "buyer's remorse" period that allows you to return the bike?

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