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help,,,buyer remorse

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put a deposit back in march for the cbr,waited and waited,kept getting delayed,2 weeks ago my dealer said may 24,i couldnt wait so i went to a diff dealer to see one they had in ,but was sold,i just wanted to see it again,i look to my left and they are setting up a new ducati section,it catches my eye,so i walk over,saw the 848,but way too big for me,then i see the monster,and i loved it---wife sees price,and right away tells me forget it,lol,light bulb goes off,hey i said to myself,u got 5 k set aside for the honda cbr ,i could put that down on a DUCATI,i always dreamed of having one,so i sat down did the deal,5k gone,let the payments begin,honda dealer called me,because i forgot to tell him,that i bought another bike,he tells me my cbr is in.Dont know if i made the right choice,not a rich guy,so im hating myself a little bit,i could have had a cbr paid off,and now i have payments????what was i thinking,this ever happen to anyone,now im soo pissed ,because my wife wont let me live it down,i now wish i just bought a scooter,HELP---I HAVE A BRAND NEW DUCATI IN THE GARAGE,AND I CANT GET MY MIND OFF A CBR OR A SCOOTER,I NEED HELP,LOL
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morphman; I'll wait until they start hitting the used market and pick one up with 200 miles on it next spring for $2200. I love impulse buyers!:D[/QUOTE said:
HAHA... I like the way you think. Be sure and let us know how this worked out for you come spring. :cool:
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