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Funny Jersey. I just got back from a Kawasaki dealer. Got a quote for 8k otd for a 2011 Versys. I have enough cash to buy either bike, and both have thier merits. If I buy the Versys tommorow I could be riding this weekend. (probably not the best weekend to ride around town on a bike for the first time though). But Im like s---, if I buy this I am streaching myself more than I planned, but will I be buying a bike that can grow with me more than the cbr?
I say once the ship has sailed, you gotta jump on board. At least you had the sack to pull the trigger. Im stressin just tryin to reach for it. Its a good deal man and you got an awesome bike. I say just love it, ride it, and say all things happen for a reason. Sounds kinda corny, but corny things are sometimes true.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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