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So I was doing an oil change and pulled the filter out and there was tons I mean tons of copper like material in the filter and the clutch cover case does anyone have any insight on what this could be from and how to fix it ?
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So I was doing an oil change and pulled the filter out and there was tons I mean tons of copper like material in the filter and the clutch cover case does anyone have any insight on what this could be from and how to fix it ?
Hi. "copper"? It's best if you attach here a picture, and we will see what happens there.
Chips of any kind we will usually be found in the Strainer/Screen , which captures them with high efficiency, and not in the filter.
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They were in the strainer screen too
Thanks, OK.
What fell apart inside yours engine?
If it's clutch friction pad residue, then replaced the clutch pads.
What are the material residue that you found(copper colored)?
Please take a close up picture and upload to the forum.
OK. I see the pic you upload.
But from the distance you are take the pic it is not possible to understand what the material is? Except for the fact that it's in large quantity, and the fact that it should not be there.
Before you started to work the engine went smooth and clean with normal power?
What type of material do you have there: Metal? Something else?
And if possible take for us a good macro pic.
I'm guessing these are burnt metal chips, then so the color is bronze. If these are bearing chips and spindles they are magnetizing, if these are aluminum chips of the case they will not react to the magnet, either way, if it is metal chips the motor must be disassembled and refurbished, or you buying a new motor. According to the photo you posted on 1USD (LINK here) your motorcycle is nicely maintained, and now you will need to replace the engine? That's my guess.
Looks like another victim of backwards oil-filter installation. Those copper fragments are what happens to crank bearings starved of oil.

This race-engine was caught in time (4-hrs usage) and only bearing-replacement was needed. View attachment 45216

This wasn't caught in time with severe damage to crankshaft.
View attachment 45218
View attachment 45219
Friction bearings are often made of bronze (coper colored). In CBR250R 2011 there is no bronze friction bearings (see photos from the (Partzilla website LINK1 LINK2). There may be a bronze retainers in some of the gear box ball bearings. The Big-Hand in the CBR is mounted on the crank shaft with needle bearing, and on the Piston-Pin with a friction bearing (Direct contact without additional "bronze" insert). Our Big-Hand is made of one part (without a clamp). I believe that the brown color that can be seen in the pictures of our friend is as a result of overheating of the metal (not bronze metal).
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crankshaft main journals
Answer: "A"(The Main) and "B" are a Friction bearing. "C" is Needle bearing.
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But that is not the question.
The question was: What color is the compound of the materials from which they are made.
The question is about their color?
A: The original color of the Crankshaft Main Journals is silver, Not "coper" Not "bronze".
The color seen in the Chrisbud410's pictures is probably related to the overheating of the metal.
Above 300 degrees the metal begins to change its color (Metallurgy matter):
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It Does not have to be just the metal of the main bearings. There are more options. The true story can only be discovered when the engine is disassembled.


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How are plain friction bearings made?
Answer1: Friction bearings are not always "mabe"(manufactured), as in the case of the Piston-Pin, which is both the connecting part, and the bearing itself, there is no special bushing.

The question here is what is the color of the bearings, Crankshaft Main Journals, at 2011 CBR250R?
The friction bearings are usually(not always) made of alloys that have copper in them, so their color is the same as the color of the copper, for example: Bronze (88% Copper + 12% Tin). I do not know what the exact compound in Honda's friction bearings, I know that their color is silver.
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