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Help pink wire

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Hi I've got this pink wire issue I have a Honda benly 110. 2016 model just put new ECU in it out of the same model bike I bought it smashed front end now it had no key just three wires hanging there black wire red and black wire and pink wire now my mate got it running with the zenner diode connected just temporary so I decided to take it of and do it properly but now I can get it to prime or give spark it just turns over and that's it fuel pump make a funny shitty sound but it's not actually primeing it's a muffled sound can someone tell me which zenner to use and where to put it and do the wires have to b connected in some sort of Oder cos it's driving me nuts
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cos it's driving me nuts
This is the biggest challenge of any mechanic, to stay calm even when nothing good is happening. I'm not good at it, my rule is to leave everything and stay away from the motorcycle:sneaky:
And after you calm down try this LINK:
Gesture Font Line Parallel Elbow
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