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Hi and welcome to the forum.
...Gave it a wash with the hose today...
It is not recommended to wash a motorcycle with running water, and even more so it is not recommended to use washing machines that spray a jet of water. Because the water may penetrate the electrical systems, or penetrate into the bearings. The motorcycle has only few plastics surfaces that require cleaning and it is recommended to wash it gently by hand with a wet sponge, or a wet cloth, made of materials that will not scratch the paint.
I hope that not too much got in the tank....
...Trying to figure out if I need to drain the tank...
mmm...It is possible that water has penetrating to the fuel tank. Water that penetrate flow to the bottom of the tank. If it is a negligible amount, nothing needs to be done. Maybe there will be a problem to start but after a few tries, when the mixture with the water will pass, your problem will also pass. If it is a large amount, then the fuel tank must be removed, cleaned, etc... this is a job for a professional mechanic.
The drain hole was plugged. Tried to unplug it with a flexible wire. The water drained but is now leaking out under the tank somewhere. Would I have pushed the rubber hose off the bottom of the tank or something?
Yes, it is possible, it is possible that the pipe falling out, and it is possible that the pipe has ruptured. to fix the issue with the drain not going down to the ground.
You need to see what happened to the pipe, and if it needs to be replaced, or just put it back in place with a safety clip.
This could be dangerous if spilled fill-up gas went through and leaked out on the engine.
Not that it has to happen, because these are usually very small quantities, because the fuel is supposed to slide on the rubber that insulates heat (RUBBER, GUARD 17543-KYJ-900), and from there it flow towards the starter motor, and fuel is filled while standing, and then it evaporates. BUT I wouldn't bet on it, it's very dangerous and must be fixed immediately.💥🔥💥
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