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Got my 250r (Red/silver) last week, best purchase ever :)

I was rained out the first few days...but put on about 90 miles the last 2.

I had a used Yamaha Vino 125 before this so that got me the balance and feel of 2 wheeled transportation, but this is my first bike with...gears. Also my first new motorized vehicle. Knowing what to expect from a moving 2 wheeled vehicle from my scooter experience was very helpful though I think, it let me focus more on learning to shift. I was shifting up and down all 6 gears perfectly before my odometer read 000003 :) (aside from the occasional starting from 2nd thinking its first and stalling it, only did that a couple times though :p )

So anyways, in terms of breaking it in properly...I have been trying to shift between 5k and 7k rpm, and cruise at 4k-5k as much as I can. Of course it's my first sportbike and I can't help myself ALL the time, I have given it some oomph a couple times, but never past 8k if even that high, and literally like three times because I'm terrified of damaging something.

Hows my break in meathod? Am I babying it too much? Or would that even make a difference?

Thanks :)
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