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Hi I'm Mel (New rider, Irvine, CA)

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Hi I'm Mel,

I am new to the forum, so i thought I would introduce myself. I have been looking for a black CBR 250r ABS, and I can't seem to find one ANYWHERE! A few places are giving me dates toward the end of October for delivery, and I don't want to wait that long. (this is my first bike, and I want get some miles in for confidence before it gets rainy) If anyone has any advice...

- Thanks!
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Hi mel, welcome.

lol i was in exactly the same place, just my dealers were saying "Christmas" so i just jumped in and brought one without ABS... no patience.
Hey Top,

Thanks for the quick response! :) I was honestly considering doing the same. The only thing holding me back is that this is my first bike, and I was thinking the ABS for safety reasons. What do you think?
I'll let you know on Saturday when i pick mine up.
i'm actually just up the road from you in Fullerton, i can't wait to get down into Irvine and ride some of them beautiful roads
I ordered an ABS model three months ago and they are saying December now. There are two dealers 25 miles from me with the abs in stock but unfortunately they are in Canada and are charging alot more for the bike. Bringing a bike in from Canada can be a pain in the neck also.
Hi Mel,
I also wanted the ABS and got tired of waiting and bought a non-ABS the end of May. I have a friend that works for Honda Corp. and he couldn't even get a date out of them. I have had no trouble with the non-ABS brakes. Within the 1st month of riding I had to come to a skidding stop and the bike and I survived just fine. I watch and ride like everyone is out to get me and knock on wood, so far so good, rubber side has stayed down.
It's all about what you want out of the bike, wait for the abs and get what you want, or get the non-abs and get in the saddle now. We're in socal. Honestly, how many rainy days do we get in year? it's almost always riding weather ;)
yep,prepare for them cold days/nights...body will be numb and frozen like a chicken and u will get sick lol
I was in the same boat being a new rider and all.... So I asked a bunch of experienced riders. The consensus said basically the abs was good if I planned on riding through rainy weather (I'm not, this is just a commuter/rec bike for me. I purchased the non-abs.)

But also I saw a bunch reviews on how pressing the rear brake also applies the front brake, and even causing the front of the bike to dive down - which may not be a big deal to a new biker, but to experienced cats, this is the opposite. Non-abs rear brake application should cause the rear to sit down more... And I know that in curves and turns if you HAVE to apply brakes, the front is a no-no.

I heard also that stopping distance is greater with abs.

Anyways, my 2 cents with what I've heard and researched myself. Good luck on your 1st purchase!
Got out and get a bike and start riding!! :D
SoCal it's too nice of a place to be waiting around for a bike. I know I'm from there.
Top: When (if ever) I get my bike, you gotta show me the ropes! I feel like I am the one getting my bike saturday! sending you ((( GOOD VIBES )))
Flipkicks: I am DEFINITELY going to be riding in rainy weather. So I think the ABS might still be my best bet :( - though, I was thinking about what you were saying about how the braking is different. I was wondering if you know how the braking might effect stunts?
Heh, I'm no stunt rider... But I'd imagine that the abs would change up any brake involved stunts...

Be careful and ride safe!
The ABS version is good if you are gonna be touring and a beginner rider and keeping safety in mind...

The ABS braking is like panic braking u wanna stop suddenly then the abs sensors go into play and does not allow the wheels to skid also i think it distributes the brake forces between the front disc and back

For me personally i prefer the non ABS...because i like to brake late the bite is while riding on the track i can brake later if i want to.... so i guess if you are a very good rider and you wanna do stunts and plan to ride the track then the non abs would be a good bet otherwise if u r a tourer and u have a lot of crazy people on the road then the abs version is a good bet....

Cheerio!!! Happy Motoring :)

I'm paying the same as you are for your RED CBR250RA, plus fees of witch I must pay more in sales tax.:mad:your should be in in A DAY or sooooooooooo:D
Hello Mel. I too am waiting for an ABS model. While I don't live in Irvine, I do work there. See you around! :)
Welcome to the forum. I would go out and get the non ABS model and ride. Not that big of a deal to me and I hate waiting for anything. But thats just me. Im not a patient man ha ha
I took the class on a non-abs and the first day we were in the rain. No problem. This is your comfort zone. Do what you feel is best for you. I got the non-abs because I wanted to ride now. If I change my mind, I will trade it in. But, not likely. My comfort zone on my "Binky" grows daily with ever thing I learned in class and practical experience on my daily commutes.
Crikey!..incredible wait times...errr this is a Honda not a Bugatti.

When I shopped around, there were ABS and non-ABS models in stock at the time. I guess it is simply demand in the US with so many wanting to get onto the CBR.

It will only be a matter of a few years before ABS is standard, but for me.. old school... I wanted simplicity (but love EFI) so went for the non ABS.
But if you read the reports, ABS equipped bikes are clearly being involved in less fatalities than non-ABS versions.

webbikeworld safety report

you sould be ridding your new bike by NOW, OR in the next 2/3 days.:)
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