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Got my CBR250 three weeks ago and have a lot of fun with it. To all Swiss CBR250 bikers:plse join the forum to exchange your experiences, etc.

Ich chan natürli au tüütsch rede:)
Yeah, gidday Matthais. You do have a great part of the world for riding. It is a few years since I was up your way on a 1981 CB250RS. That was back in the mid '90s. Some great memories. On my first night in Switzerland I made camp on the bank of Lac Leman, not far from Geneva. It was dark when I pitched my tent because I had planned to stop in Bern, but I didn't like it much there, so traveled on. I was surprised by the big fish in the lake when I got up in the morning.

A Thai friend who went there on her first trip outside Thailand was not impressed by Bern either..... she liked the country generally, but described Bern as the armpit of Switzerland!

I just posted a piece I wrote about one day in the area in mpmiksuak's thread about breaking in horses or something like that. Off topic I know, but you know, some topics are like flogging a dead horse, so thought I would change the subject a bit.
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