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Projector doesn't look right on this bike....

I have always been a large supporter of the HID bulbs. The look is much more aggressive and is also very functional. If going to HID conversion I, personally, would not go over 12000K however because the light gets too blue and does not provide very much good visual light. I have put HIDs on virtually everything I own with headlights with the exception of my lawn mower.
Don't go over 6k. 5k is what I use in my Audi then 3k in the fog lights. And don't put higher then 35w in stock housings or it will probably melt/ just be extremely blinding. The housings on these are good enough that a 35w HID is acceptable.

The bottom is 8k and the top is 5, though the bottom one has made the top one look blue in the camera phone picture.

You can't even see the bottom ones over the top ones due to the loss of light from color.

You can also see the nice clean cut off a projector gives the headlight.

3k looked better in the fogs

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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