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they are the headlights on cars that look kind of like a glass globe. I am not really sure how to describe them. Basically they would like a projector (for cinema) where they allow so much light to be projected on the road. On my wife's car they have a shutter that is open about halfway on "low" beam then the shutter opens all the way up for "high" beam. The shutter creates a horizon on the light in-front of you which prevents the lights from shining into oncoming traffic. There is a picture somewhere that shows this bike with a projector light installed. You have the two eye lights, then where the main bulb is there is the projector instead.
The projector he is talkin about is more like a magnifying glass, and the shutter is that he mentioned is the cutoff. Alot of idiots put on HID's are careless and could care less about oncoming traffic. To those tards who do do that, I wish you bad luck as all they do is piss me off.

I say if you gonna do it, atleast do it right.

On a side note, the 250R with a projector makes it look like a mole lol.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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