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HJC RPHA-10 Ben Spies Monster II Replica Helmet

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HJC has revamped their line-up for the fall by adding a new line of premium helmets that all carry the name RPHA. This new R line of helmets was designed primarily with high performance and minimal weight in mind. The technology that was used to accomplish these goals was developed with input from Ben Spies for the RPS-10 helmet that he has been sporting since his debut in the premier MotoGP class. Spies may not be having much luck in his 2012 season, but this doesn’t change the fact that he has one of the coolest looking lids in the paddock. We’ve been getting questions about this helmet all season here at Riders Discount, and we’re happy to say that the new Ben Spies Monster II replica is now available on the newly launched RPHA-10 helmet.

The shell of the RPHA-10 is an advanced composite that combines carbon fiber, fiberglass epoxy, aramid epoxy and organic fibers in a precisely aligned weave that excels in strength, energy absorption and weight savings. HJC calls this their Performance Integrated Matrix (P.I.M.) construction and it saves weight by reducing unnecessary overlap and resin build-up. The PIM shell is not only strong and light, but it is also aerodynamic and quiet thanks to extensive CAD design and wind-tunnel testing.

A hot helmet is an uncomfortable helmet, so HJC made sure that the RPHA-10 is able to keep your head cool and comfortable in warm weather. Ventilation comes from two large intakes on the top of the head, and one on the chin. All three are highly adjustable to allow for variable amounts of airflow depending on the conditions. These vents move a lot of air through the helmet without the higher noise levels that can come from some ventilation systems. Inside the shell, the full-removable/washable SilverCool liner helps wick away moisture and features a Gingko extract coating for a natural anti-bacterial guard.

All RPHA-10 helmets come with a clear Pinlock shield and insert for the best in anti-fog vision. These shields also feature a center locking mechanism at the request of Ben Spies. This prevents the shield from accidentally popping open if you turn your head to look behind you or to the sides.

The RPHA-10 Ben Spies Monster Replica II Helmet is so new that it isn’t listed on our website yet, so be sure to contact Brad if you’re interested. You can send him a PM through this forum or give him a call at 866.931.6644 ext 810. If email is more convenient, feel free to send one to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM with “RPHA-10 Spies Replica” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you right away!

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