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I love this bike, why oh why won't they bring this model to North America. I really believe the 400cc displacement is the sweet spot for alot of people, or could be i guess i should say. The ninja 400 was just not purpose built enough, and was never released in the US anyway. I rode it as it was released in canada. However, the cb400 is a real beauty, come on Honda, lets see it stateside!

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I would Assume Europe and Asia would get the rumored CBR400 first since they would embrace " small " CC bikes better. We have a mentality of needing at least 600cc to be a very sporty ride. Which is BS, an extra 150CC on our CBRs would be awesome.

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this is encouraging news! I recently went up to a ninja 650 for a little 'extra'. And while i love my new bike, i would likely drop down to a cbr400 pending good reviews. This makes more sense releasing the cb400 in some form than a brand new 500cc model from Honda. Hope to see it in the next few years.

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beautiful honda vfr v4 of course, but todays market
recipe includes important ingredients such as; price,
fuel economy, reduced servicing schedule,
simplicity of design [cost reduction factors],
specific market sectors such as learners,
novices and commuters [etc]..

honda, being god, can make whatever it wants..
honda being a motorcycle market leader
[for good reasons] will continue to make
motorcycles according to market segment
recipes, such as for eg, the cbr250r..

racing capacity classes have in the past influenced
road bike capacities [125, 250, 350, 500 etc]
which is another potential ingredient in the recipe..

its all interesting, eh.. whatever they bring to market
will doubtless add to the wonderful world of motorcycling
into the future.. recall friends with 250, 350 and 450
ducati singles [brothers], the 350 being fastest and quickest,
so for me it would be nice to see a cbr350/400 single
based on a similar recipe as this excellent cbr250r..

its all eye candy and mind food
but into the foreseeable future
im very happy with black beauty..
who seems to be making a sort of
'growling' sound as she loosens up
a little..
could be a malfunction in
the rider, of course...
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