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1 US gallon = 0.83 Imperial gallon

77 mpg x 0.83 = 64 mpg

Reports on the CBR 250 in use are in keeping with this. A bit more ridden moderately; a bit less ridden hard.
The Powerhouse Honda information shows MPG figures that reflect U.S. gallons so the 77 mpg figure is already in U.S. gallons, not imperial gallons based on my understanding. This figure is not unreasonable, and does jibe with the information on Yamaha's American site for the fuel-injected WR250R dual-sport single that advertises a figure of 71 mpg (U.S.) EPA for that bike.

2011 Yamaha WR250R Home, information

The corresponding figure in imperials gallons is 85 mpg as advertised on the Yamaha Canada site.


Yes - numerous reports on Thai forums claim that the CBR250R has been consistently returning fuel-economy figures of around 3.0L/100KM (which coincidentally works out to about 77 mpg U.S.) at highway speeds and higher out on the open road. Interestingly, the above figure is not far off from SportRider’s recent comparison that yielded an average fuel-economy of 70mpg for the CBR250R (and a dismal 46mpg for the Ninja 250R) after their requisite flogging. Popular Mechanics's recent comparison test returned a similar figure of 71 mpg for the CBR250R. Rider magazine also tested the CBR250R against the Ninja 250R and after a "day-long dual" that typically involves flogging the bikes, the CBR250R yielded 65mpg, while the Ninja 250R yielded......50mpg....which prompted the magazine to comment “Economy and entertainment run neck-and-neck with the CBR". The above tests certainly suggest that 77mpg (U.S.) is achievable if you are a little more gentle with your right wrist.

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