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Honda Automobile's have haulted. thankyfully everyone in Japan is doing okay, they have our prayers. As for out CBR250's Any parts off of it are made in japan?

Honda: As previously reported, one R&D employee perished at the company’s R&D center in Tochigi during the earthquake, while another 30 were seriously injured. A press release notes the company has confirmed the wellbeing of nearly all North American employees on assignment in Japan, and “continues to seek such confirmation.”

Five Honda plants will remain closed through Monday, although only a few actually produce complete automobiles. The company’s Sayama plant builds the CR-V, Accord, U.S.-spec Fit, and the Acura RL and TSX. The Suzuka plant, which briefly operated on Friday but is offline today, builds Japanese-spec Fits, Civics, and both the Insight and CR-Z hybrid models.
An official release from the automaker notes there is no immediate impact on Honda’s U.S. operations — unsurprising, seeing as roughly 80 percent of all Honda and Acura vehicles sold in the U.S. are produced in North America. Most content for these models is also sourced from North America, but the automaker is “assessing the long-term impact, if any, on production in North America” due to some parts originating from Japan.
Honda has pledged $3.6 million for disaster relief, but is also contributing 1000 generators for use by rescue teams across the country.

Hmm guess everything till slow down a little bit for awhile.
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