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I told you not to be rash about selling your CBR....:|
I don't mind. I REALLY needed the money last summer, and it is still dangerous as f*** out there...
Also, I moved and no longer have a garage. And with my new job in the next town outside of Indy, I am thinking about moving again (my boss asked me about my plans in this area!). So I am going to have to do some SERIOUS saving to accomplish the goal I have set for myself.

There is a farm field not too far from where I work, and it has a patch of woods on it with an old abandoned house.
I know who owns the property, and I am hoping they might be open to leasing it to me. Cheap at first, until I can figure out if it is doable, then a proper lease when I can get an old trailer in there, to start. No doubt the old house needs to be demolished. Can't check it out until I get permission to go on the property.

Link to Google Maps:

What I would REALLY like is to own the big section of woods just to the East. ($$$$$)

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[this is a very long ranble, typed direct, no edit,
conversational style.. its probably not worth
reading unless you have the time and/or
your own life management or course
has hit a rocky phase, etc..
ps,, reading is also an excellent brain and
mind activity if youre up to it..
im reading 'genji' at the moment..
about an hour a day, with brews..
recommend 'musashi' by eiji yoshikawa
medieval swordsman, his life and ongoing
unfoldment of his inner self, within a hard
and alien [to us] environment..
without spoiling it, even tho not obvious,
imo it is also a love story]

uncover my motorcycle a week ago after 3 weeks
first two housebound, limited movements etc,
after damaging lower left back and pelvic rim
muscles [ilio psoas involement], even coughing
was really unpleasant.. [an unusual lift]
anyway, healing is a process, and pain a symptom
useful even vital in healing feedback..
first 4 days used opioids from emergency dr
[children visited next day, immediately
took me into hosp emergency]
other than that ive managed my own physio
using yoga and traditional karate principles..
[first, do - as little as possible - first healing phase,
then isolate injury, whenever moving, sitting down,
standing, turning, reaching etc.. 1 used wall walking
with hand support each step.. carefully find out
what you can, do, without causing pain,,
then use whatever you can do as part of your
ongoing movement therapy.. moving muscles
and so on around, injury, but not causing pain
[or strong pain] helps brain learn new ways of
supporting torso etc, while healing happens..

anyway, started yoga again monday [hurray!]
with some restrictions and taking it easy etc,
my body and brain added that to the process..
for me it was wonderful.. the ride in was so
delightful that after yoga i kept going south
past my place down the nsw south coast a bit..
it was so,, enjoyable.. cant stop smiling now..

preaching to the converted here of course,
but that feeling of low flying while moving
your c of g with minimal body movements
like a bird in flight is just so special,
and no doubt beneficial to brain and body..
not to mention the poor motorcyclist
grounded for 3 weeks..

im not a fan of pharmaceuticals, which,
can have their place, when necessary,
and when managed by an expert in
this form of brain alteration,
[serotinin uptake etc] and,, dose...

these anti-dep such as schroeder mentioned
do have a wide range of side effects..
[including sexual dysfunction, a subject
mentioned here] thus should be seen as
a temporary assistance for some problem
well diagnosed..
these drugs use the natural cannabidoid system
in the brain for some effects, which indicates that
natural fresh cannabis can also have a place in
a range of disorders including stress related etc..

- thing about cannabis [and i know] is dosage -
cannabis smokers typically overdose..
there is little if any genuine dose information
available for cannabis, as there is for all other
substances starting with alcohol..
people know they can tolerate one drink
and drive legally [here at least]..
it is well publicised and part of all driving
or riding licensing procedures..
- yet try to find official cannabis dosing -

be that as it may, cannabis can be, helpful
in various disorders and generally within
stressful situations of life etc..
however good folk,, the underlying reality
is that any substance which alters brain
function and/or chemistry should be
seen as one ingredient in a personal
recipe,, not as in a lifebuoy for the drowning..

it is most important that you in there,
are still the one riding the wave..
now you have a wetsuit on to deal with
the cold, but the wetsuit cant swim
for you, or catch the waves etc..

the brain, your brain, at the center of
anti-depressant and stress related symptoms
must remain the place where you live..
you must deliberately and with forethought
hop up and shower [and enjoy it] then
deliberately do some stretching [even yawning
is a stretch] then open the door and go for
a nice walk.. take the dog if you have one..

whatever variation suits your lifestyle etc,
do that.. eg, take a bath if you prefer,
do karate kata or taichi if you are able,
[there are heaps of good yoga videos
made for people to follow along etc,
and are very well worthwhile]

if you cant, go for a walk, at least go outside,
into the garden or whatever you can manage..
[which will always be more than you think]

eat well.. simply.. less.. drink lots of water
[or grape juice or whatever]
imo certain supplements are vital generally
and esp with injuries and aging tissues
[im 69 soon] even tho i take glucosamine
and chondroitin sulfate plus msm for ligament
damage healing, and calcium plus vit d etc
for bone repair [fractures etc in the last year]
anyone can take these excellent supplement
for general joint health..
also take 5 x 2000mg caps of fish oil daily..
again for joint health plus brain etc..
take a good over 60 multivitamin [suisse]
which doesnt do much, but is still essential
to ensure you get certain vits etc..
i also take resveratrol [antioxidant etc]
which if you believe in a god would be
another gift to us from her..
also co enzyme q10 a basic necessity imo..

best to avoid sugar and salt generally,
even tho they both have their place..
fat is also a nutrient which becomes
the enemy beyond a point..
best avoid certain types of fat..
trans fats, saturated fats esp..

in deciding to hop up and shower then
do some stretching then go for a walk
or whatever, you are alerting and training
brain, to those simple elements of life..
this is a highly important understanding..
whatever you do, has this effect..
brain may compensate or work around
whatever you teach it to do, but best
treat brain as for a beloved or child
in your care.. ie, lovingly with adult
consideration for its welfare..

there is no doubt whatsoever that a motorcycle
can be part of a healthy life, including recovery
and so on from any 5hit that hits the fan
and maybe some of it gets you as well..

some things are by nature therapeutic..
going for a nice walk,, sex if thats on your
menu [im celibate], even taking a shower..
water droplets shattering on your body
release negative ions, which are good for
your brain.. same for walking the seaside..
people generally 'feel better' after a shower..
being clean is nice, but its the millions of
negative ios breathed in and to brain
that make it special..

when you take a shower, or whatever,
let brain be part of your awareness of
taking in negative ions, or moving fat
and muscles etc, stretching or yoga etc..

the most important component of any
drug or exercise or movement regime
is you, the one within your, brain
and control center for your, body..

believe it or not, when you concentrate
your mind on a fracture or other tissue
damage, this has a real and good, effect
on the natural healing sequences..

it has been shown that heart patients
who become aware of what their heats
are doing and how they are being treated etc,
have better outcomes than similar patients
who dont have such understandings
or are not advised of suchlike..

this is not down to psychology or
some other trick, but is a real
relationship with real outcomes..

if you trust your gp, not just because
he/she has a degree, but because you
actually trust their judgement for, you,
then by all means ask questions about
what drugs are for, how they work,
what are the side effects, what dose
is right for you, and most importantly
how long will you be on them,
before recovery or control of
some symptom etc, and off them..

good idea to go online to a reputable
source for information about what
any drug you are prescribed does,
how it works and so on..

this, again, is similar to those heart
patients who understood what
was happening and why,
to subsequent good effect..

i dont smoke tobacco or anything else,
dont take non prescribed drugs, alcohol,
gamble, watch tv [download doco's and
motogp etc and watch that thru my tv]
dont sit on chairs [except right now]
rather sit on the floor, on a small cushion,
in various yoga sitting positions incl
very simple and comfortable positions..

still practice my okinawa goju ryu karate kata
and check out instructional videos by my
master higaonna morio sensei 10dan hanshi,
altho dont train in a dojo any more..
practice yoga 4 days a week, coming off a
road smash etc, but will soon be back to
one or even two sessions a day..
coogee beach and the coast is only
a short walk away, and altho damaged
last year incl serious knee injuries,
i will be returning to coastal walks
and beach walks before too long..
[also practice kata and yoga on
quiet parts of the beach or rocks
down the coast a bit]..

all this is meant as feedback
not necessarily your life program,
but hints for however your life
may unfold, into your future..

underlying all of it, there are kernals
of truth and reality which apply
generally, according to individual
preferences and circumstances..

if you were a motorcycle, say,
you would like to be managed by
a responsible keen motorcyclist,,
who would maintain you in peak
condition, including taking you for
regular rides..
not,, some ratbag or thief who
treats you like 5hit and couldnt
car less about you...

life is indeed a brief candle..
of that there is no doubt..

but while alive, living our lives,
our potentials are endless..
each decision we make, or those
made for us, determines what
the following day will be
and what and who we
are and will become..

own the day..
as they say...

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[this is a very long ramble, typed direct, no edit,
conversational style.. its probably not worth
reading unless you have the time and/or
your own life management or course
has hit a rocky phase, etc..
You underestimate your skill as a wordsmith mate. This is an awesome post, one of the best I've read of yours.
Very insightful and makes me think about the next 20 years to come (I'm 48 soon) and what I need to do to stay on track if I still want to be hanging a knee off the side of a bike through a fast sweeper in my late sixties.

My thin frame is worn already through years as a fitter and turner lifting heavy stuff and carrying loads on my back as a Park Ranger. The mental health not as stable as it once was (relationship $hit).

Couldn't agree more with your thoughts on staying active physically and mentally. Must keep moving in both senses or we seize up.

Diet: Ive knocked back the alcohol and sugar. I'm much more aware of what I put into my body. As they say - we are what we eat. I drink 100% blackcurrant juice watered down 50/50, full of Vit C.

Living where I do on the edge of a wilderness area the ability to be able to hunt for lean red meat (venison) and catch fish is pivotal to my diet and well being. Fishing is extremely therapeutic I find, and hunting keeps me fit and hones the senses. A skill it takes years to perfect and I'm still doing my apprenticeship.

Gardening is another win/win for me. The growing of your own (tasty) organic vegetables and the contentment I get from working in the garden environment is immeasurable. Even weeding has a calming effect!

I put in a hot bath tub, eases the aches and pains at the end of a long day/week/bike tour, esp in winter.

Sleep, life's wonder drug, essential to my daily well being. Nothing throws me off kilter more than a lack of.

I should look into yoga too, I think it would be beneficial.

Yes, we must look after ourselves, nobody is going to do it for us.

Thanks Shisoshin for an enlightening read on a wet day in the Southern Isle. :)

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As we're talking health, exercise and well-being I'll add that I cycled the 19 miles back from watching my son play rugby today and with a stiff headwind for a large part of it was quite pleased with my average of 15mph.
Strava record here for anyone interested.

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Sorry to post in such an old thread,but I really didn’t want to start a new topic. This is going to be kind of long and rambling, proceed delicately haha.

So, I only started riding at age 46, last August 2017. I definitely got bit hard by the hobby and I was riding my little CBR everywhere, everyday as the Illinois weather permitted. On weekends I’d wake up before the sunrise on Saturday,stop at Dunkin for a coffee and then just go wherever. Sometimes I’d come back home Saturday night but usually I was in a hotel and back home Sunday. In other words, I loved riding and the freedom of being on the road with nary a care, thinking thru the events of the week and psyching myself up for the coming days. Riding was my therapy and it served me really well- i was feeling good, gaining some much needed self confidence, self esteem and generally doing as well personally as I have since becoming single about 8 years ago.

That is, until June 17th, 2018 when I was involved in a situation at a 4 way stop sign that ended up with my motorcycle being totaled and me with distal radius fractures of my left and right wrists/arms.
I’m having a really hard time now coping without my 2 wheeled therapy sessions. My injuries, while not serious, are incredibly annoying and the journey of surgery and other facets of repairing my body are taking a real toll on me. Without going into too much detail, it’s now 8 weeks post accident and I STILL have not had surgery to repair my right wrist due to needing a hand specialist to fix it correctly. However, it’s scheduled for this upcoming Friday, 8/24, and I sure hope it happens as planned.

I’ve noticed a pretty significant change in my mental health since my accident. I’ve regressed back to my pre-riding self and I’ve lost a lot of my joy for life, my self esteem has gone back to pretty much zero and I just kind of exist again in a gray kind of world. I’m extremely introverted and have a hard time making friends. I had some substance abuse issues related the last few years, but with hard work and methadone maintenance, I’ve been free of that substance for 27 months now. I only mention that because the time I spent using brought about a pretty big anxiety issue in me that makes it extremely difficult for me to socially interact with most people.

On top of all of this, a potential (much anticipated and much needed) romantic interest that was slowly developing for me has decided that she’d be happier back with her ex boyfriend and I’ve been banished to the dreaded friend zone. I will forever cherish her friendship but the realization that it will always be platonic has been another blow to my fragile psyche that I really didn’t need. The last bad thing recently is that the house that I am a renter in has just been put up for sale and the landlord is extremely motivated to sell it. If sold, I will be essentially homeless unless I’m able to replenish my doctor bill ravished savings enough to move.

Anyway, I just needed a place to vent a little bit. I’m surprised by how drastically my life has been changed, for the good and the bad, depending on whether or not I’m able to ride a motorcycle. I’m set on returning to riding as soon as my living, health and financial situations improve. Until that time however, I need to remember the good times I had, and realize that more good times will come.

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Hang in there dude!

Sorry to hear about all the crap being dumped on you at once, but you will work it out.

Many times when a lot of changes are forced on you it will open the door to something new and better.

Hoping that happens for you.

You'll know when the time is right for another cycle, so just be patient and work through the other stuff for now.

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Yes, in the past I have had professional help and yes, it did help some. Currently I see a counselor 2x monthly as part of my methadone maintenance program. While talking through troubles does help me some, I honestly found that riding aimlessly in the beautiful sunshine was more beneficial. Really being able to think about and work through what happened during the week on my bike was just a lot more doable and enjoyable for me than sitting in a sterile office space talking to a person who, really, probably doesn't give a ******************** about my troubles. Likewise, venting on here provides a small amount of relief and seeing positive responses and affirmations that I'm not alone is helpful too. That said, I know that no breakthroughs are gonna occur by me posting my bullshit here.

Ah screw it, I'm losing my train of thought. I just want this surgery to be done with so I can get on with physical healing that in turn will lead to (hopefully) some mental comfort too.

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I have found that getting up early and walking a couple of miles before breakfast has done a lot for my attitude. I have no idea if it will work for you, but, you are in complete control of yourself, only the weather is an uncontrolled variable (and from my perspective, that is a good thing).

Try it and see if it helps. The price is right. ;-)

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@Big F1 Fan I Hope your surgery went well last friday mate and you are on the road now to some sort of recovery.
That you can identify, acknowledge and vocalise what some of your issues are is a huge thing, as I'm sure that therapist of yours has told you :)
It's also great that you have found something that makes you happy. Yah for motorcycling!

I started riding at 10 yrs old (I'm 49 now) and during this time there has only been a period of about 4 or 5 years when I didnt own a motorcycle. This was the period in my life when the wheels fell off...

I wont bore y'all with my personal story but aint that some coincidence that it happened when I had turned my back on motorcycling. AND, unsurprisingly, the best therapy was buying another bike and getting back out there with my visor up and wind blowing through my helmet clearing away a lot of the $hit in my head.

That bike I bought was a Honda CBR250. A big departure from what I had ridden previously, but it was just the catalyst I needed to get myself heading in the right direction again, on two wheels.

Within a couple of months of buying it a friend who races encouraged me to do a 'Have a go' day at our local track. This was five years ago and I have embraced racing whole heartedly to the point where it is a huge part of my life now. I am currently preparing to race in the National championship this coming (southern hemisphere) summer. I just wanted to mention the racing bit as it has had huge benefits on my mental well-being and given me a real focus. You also can't beat the adrenaline rush of a close race. :D

So hang in there bud, I'm sure there is light around the corner. Clip the apex on the way to it!

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Hi @kiwi rider-

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

The surgery went without a hitch and I'm now the proud owner of some new internal hardware, a moderate amount of pain, and a truly magnificent bruise from my fingertips to my elbow.

I'm definitely getting another bike, I'll have to wait until the next time it's summer here near Chicago. I'm really liking the Ducati Monster, either in 696 or 821cc and from 2015 up. I also long for my little CBR250R so maybe down the line I'll scoop up another one as well.

As fa as track riding, I'd love to try that out. I wish you the best of luck during your summer series, that sounds incredible!

Thanks again for your kind words, I do appreciate them.
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